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Find jobs with real benefits—like purchasing power—when you make the move to South Dakota. We have job openings in just about every industry including specialty trades, construction, advanced manufacturing, IT and more. You'll also find plenty of communities where you can enjoy a rich, fulfilling life and a low cost of living that makes every payday a little bigger.

Darnell's story on living and working in South Dakota
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South Dakota is in the Midwest but our companies compete in the global marketplace, from making scoreboards and cheese to building robotic technology and conducting breakthrough medical and bioscience research. Here you'll find fulfilling careers (we've got one of the nation's best job markets) and plenty of opportunities to live the life you really want. If you're ready to start really living, instead of just working to make a living, South Dakota has what you need.


  • Kyle is a master welder who found a better life in South Dakota. This video tells his story
  • Trevor's's Story
  • Darnell's Story
  • Jon is a master welder who found a better life in South Dakota. This video tells his story

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